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Structural Engineering Services

WeStruct offers structural engineering services in providing you a structural calculations report which comes up with a full outline of the design and build work to be carried out. It is minutely detailed and will include such information on how the foundations are to be dug, materials required, structural works, supporting walls, measurements, beams, joists, rafters, load bearings and concrete reinforcement or steel connection calculations. The report will be created by a qualified structural engineer in Birmingham .

Even in many cases, where planning or lawful development are not required, e.g. if you are knocking down internal walls or removing a chimney breast. These calculations must then be submitted to either a local authority building control or a private building control for method approval, safety checks and eventually to be signed off.

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When do you need a structural engineer?

When you're making home improvements that involve a building's stability, you will need help from structural engineering companies. The engineer will provide full structural drawings package and calculations for both Superstructure and Sub-structure. This will be used by your Building Control, contractor and architect during the renovation work.

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